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Services | Sach Aviation Capital

What we do

Tax and Accounting

The company roots were founded in structuring transactions to optimise the accounting and tax treatment of asset acquisition. Today operators are faced with a myriad of accounting choices and this is especially the case with the introduction of IFRS 16 – accounting for operating leases. We are at the forefront of working with partners to ensure the structuring required post the mechanical calculation are properly recognised and planned for.

Raising Finance

We regularly raise considerable sums of debt and other finance for those wishing to acquire aircraft. This work usually goes well beyond the process of identifying a structure and funder. It encompasses all aspects of negotiating any financial support from the vendor, to ensuring the documents provide maximum flexibility. Our expertise lies in the knowledge of the market for asset risk taking amongst banks, other financial institutions, lessors, insurance companies and manufacturers and in the ability to combine these interests to create attractive finance solutions.

Government and Project Finance

Since the early 1990s we have regularly advised bidders for government and other major aviation contracts on all financial aspects of the capital asset portions of such a bid. This not only includes finance, but acquisition negotiation and risk mitigation in the event of contract cancellation or non-renewal.

Creation of Leasing Companies

We have managed and created several leasing companies during the last 30 years. This work has included the full structuring of the initial plan, where to base operations, management of the business, investment policy and acquisition of the assets. Primarily our clients have been airlines developing their “in house” lessors, family office investors with a desire for a discrete portfolio, and major groups seeking to expand into operating leasing.

Expert Witness

We have provided expert witness support to major cases in the UK courts, into many aspects of the operating lease product.

Corporate Finance and Valuations

We provide expert aviation input into valuations often working alongside larger banking and investment groups. We provide valuations for a variety of operations and situations. The need for a valuation can be for many reasons not solely a sale or purchase. These have covered divisions, and subsidiaries of major groups, small start-up operations, and whole businesses. We provide advice on the disaggregation and aggregation of business units in order to maximise the earnings multiple.